Panda Antivirus Pro 2015

Panda Antivirus Pro 2015

PRO version of a Panda antivirus program supporting additional functions
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Panda Antivirus Pro 2015 is the newest version of the commercial upgraded version of Panda security software existing in parallel with the free Panda program. It offers several advanced features when compared to Panda Free Antivirus, but is considered by many to be lacking in any real differences. Let's see if this is true or not.

The interface is panda standard with functional tablets you can drag and relocate. Antivirus PRO has the option of switching to the second panel page unavailable in Free Antivirus. The downside is that some functions are locked until you buy Panda Internet Security. This is a rather unpleasant experience for a commercial product you already paid for.

Basic antivirus protection is no different from Panda Free Antivirus. The scanning is fast and thorough, malware prevention and deletion is carried out easily and quickly. Database renewal is cloud-based, so you will not have any trouble updating the program. However, the PRO version has an advanced module of web-protection, which makes it easier to handle. It also supports frame safeguard measure which prevents simultaneous blocking of several hazardous URLs, making it easier on the web-components. It 'silently' prevents contact with dangerous elements and displays a message 'not found' in some cases. This can be handy, but sometimes silent protection like this may confuse people.

Panda Antivirus PRO, unlike Free Antivirus, is more precise when dealing with phishing. It differentiates between sites with malware and phishing hazards, informing you of blocking phishing resources in detail.

There are all expected extensions and function of a Panda antivirus, such as the ability to create a bootable USB utility, support of Cloud Cleaner to deal with the most difficult viruses, USB Vaccine, process monitoring to check the status of the system at work, etc. One extension specific to the PRO version is the one preventing launch of any unknown applications in the system. At initial launch an application is checked in the cloud database and is given a description for user to approve or reject its start.

Panda Antivirus PRO also supports a firewall with database built around community support. It's not perfect by any means, but has potential for the future updates of the program.

One big difference between Antivirus PRO and Free Antivirus is that the PRO version is capable of supporting a network of antivirus and web protection on several computers in a company or enterprise. This is what makes it more desirable for those who use protective software for professional rather than personal needs.

Overall, Panda Antivirus PRO is nothing special. It's still a very good antivirus, but offers very little over what is already available in Panda's own free version. However, it is better than most if you need an antivirus for business purposes.

James Lynch
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  • Supports solid antivirus protection
  • Advanced interface and functions


  • Not very different from Panda free Antivirus, but costs a lot more
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